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Boarding & Daycare

Need a home away from home for your family member? Let me spoil them while you are away!

Whenever I have had others pet sit for me in the past, I practically begged for updates and pictures. I cannot stand to be away from my babies for too long and I need those updates to enjoy my trip, or do my work properly. As a result, I know how important it is to keep updated on how your pets are and I will keep you updated as much or as little as you would like.

I pet sit for my friends all the time and I have also fostered on several occasions, not to mention my own fur babies that I love like children. I promise to spoil yours as much as I spoil mine. My husband and I share in our love for animals and luckily he enjoys this work as much as I do (well maybe not quite as much). My friends know me as a "crazy dog lady" and I am perfectly okay with that title. :)

Bottom line - I will treat your dog as my own and give them plenty of love and spoiling! They are never "just dogs" or "just an animal" to me.

Worried your pet will be too much to handle?

I have had experience with a variety of different dog types, personalities, breeds, ages etc. I've had dogs who had separation anxiety and dogs who have needed medication on a daily basis. I've had dogs with various dietary needs and dogs who were a little slow to warm up to our family.  

No matter the dog type or temperament, I am confident in my ability to earn their trust and yours and give them a home away from home!

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet, please ask! I am happy to put your mind at ease!


How much fun will your pet have?

  • We have a fenced yard so your furbaby will have plenty of space to run and play!

  • Playful? Fun loving pit bull puppy to keep them busy

  • Older doggy? My two small dogs are quiet and calm and would be happy to lounge around with them.

  • Kid friendly? Our 6 year old son loves dogs!!

  • Lots and Lots of toys and treats (with your permission of course!)

  • Full time care - my husband is a stay at home dad with his own baseball business so he has the luxury of making his own schedule. It is rare that the house is without humans for more than a couple of hours.

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