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Meet & Greet Checklist 

Each booking (and each dog) is different—but the important questions remain the same. We can use these questions to guide us through our initial meet up. I want to know as much as I can about your pet to make sure he/she is safe and comfortable and to give you peace of mind.

Health and Safety

 Who is the emergency contact in case you can’t be reached? This person should be familiar with the dog and be able to make health decisions if you aren’t reachable.

Does your dog:

  • Have any health issues (e.g., arthritis, allergies, etc.)?

  • Take medication? If so, what’s their medication schedule?

  • Ever run away or try to get out of the yard? If this has happened before, how did you get them back?

Eat, Sleep, and Play Routines

  • What time does your dog usually go to bed and wake up?

  • Where do they usually sleep?

  • What’s your dog’s meal schedule?

  • What kind of treats do you give your dog, and how much?

  • What is your dog’s usual bathroom routine? And how do they let you know when they need to go?

  • Is your dog used to being left alone? For how long and at what times? (Be sure to let the owner know if their dog will be left alone while in your care.)

  • What is your dog’s usual routine for walks, exercise, and outi

  • Can you provide a harness and fixed-length leash? (They help minimize the risk of a dog slipping out or running away.)

  • Does your dog have any favorite toys or games?


Behavior and Training

  • How do you reward your dog for correct behavior?

  • How do you get your dog to come when you call?

  • Does your dog have any quirks that are normal behavior for them (e.g., funny noises they make) or specific tendencies I should know about?

  • Do they have any breed-specific quirks I should know about?

  • Does your dog have any food aggression or instincts to protect particular toys? (Keep in mind, even if they answer no, that doesn’t mean the dog will never be food aggressive.)

How does your dog handle being around:

  • Children?

  • Cats?

  • Other pets?

  • Other dogs?

  • Does your dog have any potentially risky behaviors, like getting into the trash, chewing on shoes or other items, etc.?

  • Is your dog crate-trained? When does the dog go/get put in the crate and for how long?

  • When your dog is anxious or experiencing separation anxiety, what helps soothe him?

  • Is there anything specifically that causes anxiety for your dog?

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