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This is my husband, Dustin Saulsbury. We met in 2015 on OK Cupid and in one of our first conversations I felt he should know that I just loved animals. To my surprise, he loved them too! He has been 100% on board with this business and completely supported the beginning of it! He has been staying home with our daughter since she was born so he will be with your pup full time during the week!

His other favorite thing, besides his family, is baseball! He is a huge cubs fan and even has his own business giving lessons to players from t-ball to college ball. He also recruits high school players for colleges! He coaches in Raleigh and now in Sanford! 

Dawson, aka DJ, is my silly son. He LOVES animals. He wants to interact with and pet any animal he sees so he loves this business. His favorite thing to do is play fetch with them and he will play with them for as long as we will let him! He loves baseball just like his daddy and he loves to share is favorite activity with any dog who wants to play fetch.

He is 8 years old and came into mine, Bella and Chloe's lives when he was 3 years old so we've all been together for a while and have officially been a family since his dad and I got married December of 2016. He is an inquisitive, sweet and intelligent little man! He keeps life super interesting and it's never boring! He'll quickly become your dogs best friend! 

The newest member of our family is Willow Rose! She is my pride and joy and my little Christmas baby! She decided to make her appearance on December 25, 2017 (and yes, she was born with that much hair!) She brings us all so much joy and already takes after her mommy in her love for dogs. She already has some favorites! 

She's been around dogs literally since before she was born. As a newborn a sneeze from daddy would wake her up but not a dog barking! I just figure it was from hearing so many different dogs when mommy was pregnant. She came into this world already being familiar with that sound and even now, she still is not phased by dogs barking. I think she even finds it entertaining! If mommy has anything to do with it, she will also learn to love and respect dogs. Who knows! Maybe she'll have a doggy business of her own one day!

We all look forward to meeting you and your furry family member!

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