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and your dogs future BFFS!

Meet our furbabies...

14 Years Old

Bella is my first furbaby! She is the sweetest pomeranian ever! She is probably my biggest fan!


11 Years Old

Chloe is my second baby and my diva! She has so much personality and loves to dance for treats or belly rubs.


7 Years Old

Sasha is our big girl! She is so full of life and loves to toss a ball with her human brother, DJ. She's a little dubious of other humans but she LOVES other dogs!


6 Years Old

Bruiser came to us as a boarder. When his family needed somewhere for him to go we quickly took him in. He's become quite the mommas boy since and is such a sweet little boy!


4 Years Old

Evie is great with our kids and our clients and shes wonderful for getting dogs out of their shell. She's been a wonderful addition!


2 Years Old

Dory is our pomsky and is just as silly and flighty as her namesake! Shes just happy to be with her family and get all the lovings!


3 Years Old

We fell in love with Nala at PetSmart. We had lost our Gracie and Nala began to heal our hearts a little  bit more. She LOVES meeting new people, not dogs so much!


2 Years Old

Meet Scuttle! He can sing most of the Andy Griffith Song and say peek a boo. He loves to sing too!


3 Years Old

We arent 100% sure how old our Jazzy is. She found us. She came into our yard and became part of the family just like that. Shes the sweetest girl you'll ever meet!


5 Years Old

Otis also came to us as a boarder originally. We kept him so many times and his tranition into our family was just seamless. Hes definitely a daddys boy!


Less than 1 year Old

Yes we have ducks too! Meet Buffy and Knuckles. Theres nothing quite like their feet waddling across a wood floor. Pure seratonin kick!

In Loving Memory





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