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and your dogs future BFFS!

Meet our furbabies...

12 Years Old

Bella is my first furbaby! She is the sweetest pomeranian ever! She is probably my biggest fan!

10 Years Old

Chloe is my second baby and my diva! She has so much personality and loves to dance for treats or belly rubs.

5 Years Old

Sasha is our big girl! She is so full of life and loves to toss a ball with her human brother, DJ. She's a little dubious of other humans but she LOVES other dogs!

7 Years Old

Grace is my "foster fail." She is my regal little queen! She loves to snuggle but when she's not doing that she's usually finding new hiding spots to watch her brothers and sisters from.


2 Years Old

Evie is one of our newest family member. We just couldn't resist that face! She's been great with our kids and our clients and shes wonderful for getting dogs out of their shell. She's been a wonderful addition!

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